ac maintenance
April 4, 2019

We may be seeing a slow start to spring here on Long Island, but summer weather will be here before you know it. Will your air conditioning system be ready to keep you comfortable when temperatures suddenly rise again? If you want to avoid surprise AC system breakdowns and extra high cooling bills this summer, now is the time to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner.

Still not convinced? Here’s what you have to gain by scheduling your AC maintenance in the spring.

Beat the Summer Rush for AC Maintenance

After Long Island saw four big nor’easters last March, the heat and humidity came quickly. This had many Long Island homeowners scrambling to schedule tune-ups for their air conditioning systems during the late spring and early summer, only to have to wait to have their system serviced.

When you schedule your air conditioning tune-up before the summer rush, you are more likely to get an appointment at the time that best suits your schedule.

Prevent Middle-of-Summer Breakdowns

Most air conditioner breakdowns we encounter involve issues that could have been resolved with regular preventative maintenance. Scheduling maintenance now, before the cooling season begins, gives your HVAC technician the opportunity to make optimizations to your system to help it run smoothly all summer and into the fall. Plus, your HVAC technician can catch and address any minor issues that might turn into major issues or even a breakdown later on.

Boost the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Did you know that the tune-ups your HVAC technician makes to your air conditioning system during a maintenance visit can help it run more efficiently? After your technician makes optimizations like cleaning the AC unit, tightening electrical connections, and lubricating moving parts, your AC system is more likely to run at peak performance and conserve more energy.

Reduce Home Cooling Costs

Many homeowners on Long Island watch their home cooling costs climb higher and higher with every year; but they don’t have to. By scheduling annual air conditioner maintenance, preferably before the heat hits, you can optimize your AC system to run at peak efficiency all season long, helping you save on home cooling costs.

As Long Island’s home efficiency specialist, we can provide a number of key services to help you enjoy more energy efficient home comfort all spring and summer — including air conditioning maintenance and ductwork services. If you want to access the benefits of spring air conditioning maintenance, get in touch with our team to schedule an appointment!

There’s still time to beat the rush for air conditioner service. Call (631) 676-4717 or contact us today to schedule spring maintenance for your air conditioner!

Find Out What Actual Green Team LI Customers Have to Say About Us:

  • I signed up for an audit at the Smithtown Day festival. They came and did the audit and were very nice. They insulated my attic and changed all my light bulbs. I can't wait to see my savings this winter.

    Tina, St. James
  • I must admit that when I completed the LIPA energy audit and found out that an outside company will be doing the audit, I was skeptical. But, as an energy conscious consumer I kept an open mind. My doubts dissapeared from the first contact with your company.

    Zev, East Northport
  • This company is efficient and professional. Working with everyone involved was a pleasure.

    Rose-Marie, Huntington NY
  • The workmen were very neat and precise. I was very satisfied. My heating bill is lower by 25%.

    Shirlee, East Northport NY