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Long Island is a region with both cold winters and hot and humid summers, and that means homeowners in the area rely on their heating and air conditioning systems year-round. It isn’t unusual for heating and cooling costs to get astronomically high. Fortunately, there is a more efficient way to keep your home comfortable year-round.

What Is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump is a dual-purpose unit that delivers heated and cooled air to your home throughout the year. In the winter, it draws ambient heat from outside air, compresses it, and sends it into your ductwork at a comfortable temperature. In the summer, it draws ambient heat from your indoor air and moves it outdoors. Because air source heat pumps move rather than generate heat, they are extremely energy efficient. Today’s air source heat pumps are rated down to 5°F, and you can get ones that are rated to -15°F.

An air source heat pump uses electricity and may connect to your existing ductwork to deliver conditioned air throughout your home. You might use an air source heat pump as your primary source of heating and air conditioning, or you might install one to support your existing HVAC equipment.

Types of Air Source Heat Pumps

There are two major types of air source heat pumps (ASHPs): ducted and mini split.

Ducted heat pumps can take advantage of your existing ductwork if it’s in good shape, or new duct work can be installed. A ducted system makes sense when you have two or more rooms that you want to be in the same zone and use the same system for. You also need to have a way to run the ductwork to each room. Ducted systems can be small, servicing only a couple of rooms, but more often they are larger, conditioning an entire house.

Mini split heat pumps, or simply mini splits, are split systems consisting of an outside unit and one or more indoor air handlers. Rather than using ductwork to distribute heated and cooled are to different areas, you install an indoor air handler in every room to be conditioned. This eliminates the need for ductwork and can be a great solution if you want to enjoy the benefits of an air source heat pump while still taking advantage of your existing heating and cooling systems. It’s also possible to install multiple air handlers throughout your home for a whole home comfort solution.

Benefits of Installing an Air Source Heat Pump

Benefits of installing an air source heat pump include:

  • Energy efficient heating & cooling
  • Energy savings of 30% to 40%
  • Lower utility bills year-round
  • Reduced reliance on fossil fuels
  • Greater indoor comfort

Boost Home Efficiency with Green Team LI

Want to boost your home’s efficiency and make your home more comfortable all year long? An air source heat pump could be the right solution for you.


If you’re considering upgrading your heating and/or air conditioning system, be sure to consult our team of home engineers, architects, and builders. We’ll assess your home and help you determine the most cost-effective solution for consistent home comfort. If you decide to install an air source heat pump in your home, our team will provide expert installation of your new unit.

True home comfort and efficiency starts with a comprehensive home energy audit. Contact us or call (631) 676-4717 to schedule your energy audit!

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